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Ani-TAY: On Classics

Tired of the Xbox One craze? Need a quick respite? Seek no further, and welcome to Ani-TAY!

So, the Three Amigos of Ani-TAY were discussing writing in-depth analysis reviews on Anime Classics, and we sorta ran into a little issue . . . How do we define a "Classic"?


Now, the Anime community, as well as almost every community, can be very elitist about their opinions. Hell, I'm eternally grateful for the friendly climate we have down here, and I hope it doesn't go down the drain if Anime Club picks up. So, with that being said, we kinda wanted to turn to you Ani-TAYers for an answer, since a unanimous consensus would definitely make our terminology valid. So, what are factors to consider?


This one was brought up really quickly. But, just because a series is older doesn't necessarily mean it's considered a classic. Almost nobody I know remembers Battle Angel Alita or Bubblegum Crisis, or anything like that. Hell, people bring up stuff like Gurren Lagann, or Fullmetal Alchemist. Then what about newer stuff? I mean, I think Psycho-Pass is definitely worthy of being a "Classic", and I'm sure others would agree.



And things can get really heated when the Big 3 are brought up . . . I mean, going strictly by popularity would let stuff like Bleach quickly gain top status. Then there's that hipster complex people have. Somehow, being mainstream equates to being bad in the minds of a lot of people. I'm guilty of it too, sometimes (ok, a lot of times xD), but still. That would let stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Evangelion be included too.

-Depth And Scope Of Content

And yes, I *have* to bring this one up every time we discuss anime, alright?

So, FLCL, anyone? In only six episodes, it's done what others can only dream of. Hence, I would say it qualifies as a classic. But what about something like, say, Dragon Ball? Woah, there's tension in the air, huh? I mean, we're free to analyze and interpret stuff as much as we want, but we can definitely agree there's series that simply have a lot to say. What standards would we use to weigh them, then?


Well? Any thoughts or comments? Also, a reminder, the first session of Anime Club is tomorrow! Make sure to watch the first two episodes of Ouran High School You Know The Rest before time's up!

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