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Ani-TAY Podcast Episode 1 : Pilot

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It's finally here, the moment some of us might've of waited for! I'm proud to present "The Ani-TAY Podcast"!


A podcast made by the Kotaku reader-run anime community Ani-TAY, a sub-community of Talk Amongst Yourselves. The Ani-TAY Podcast features Kotaku author Richard Eisenbeis and Ani-TAY Community members FruityDrinks (Ken), Dexomega (David) and Rockmandash12 (Kevin)! This podcast is dedicated to the latest seasonal anime & discussing broad open subjects about anime in general. In addition to the main cast, we also feature a different guest from the community every episode!

This episode's special guest is Aestevalis (George)!

A lot of preparation and work was put into this special pilot episode, and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour. As we cast our minds back over the course of two seasons we share our opinions on some of the biggest shows that aired. We also expressed our views on what we anticipate most for the spring 2014 in anime. It's only right we then open up old wounds and scars that past series that have inflicted such onto us, due to that exact anticipation and hype which sometime surrounds a particular anime. The other times they're just a sour disappointment. It sucked and we still watched them.


Chapters of the Podcast

Intro ————————————— 0:00-15:25

Log Horizon ————————- 15:25 - 27:40

Golden Time ————————- 27:40 - 42:28

Kill la Kill ——————————- 42:28 - 59:40

Noragami —————————— 59:40 - 1:10:50

Nagi no Asukara —————- 1:10:50 -1:21:05

Sakura Trick ———————— 1:21:05 - 1:31:30

Tonari no Seki-Kun ————-1:31:30 - 1:35:00

Our Next Season Picks ——- 1:35:45 - 1:58:37

Anime Let Down ——————1:58:37 - 2:19:42

Outro ———————————- 2:19:42 -2:25:00



Don't have the time to listen on your desktop? Download the MP3 or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

MP3 : Here (Right Click —> Save Link As...)

As of writing this, iTunes have yet to approve us, but you can still subscribe through us by opening iTunes —> clicking file near the top —> subscribe to podcast and typing in the feed : http://feeds.feedburner.com/AniTAY


The graph below represents all the series each of us was watching individually if you wanted to know as well.

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While we may have our first podcast finally out, it still needs work. Case and point our sad affair with our art for iTunes. We're still open to submission for the artwork, and the dimensions should be 1400x1400 in jpeg. We'll also be looking for another guest to feature in next episode! So again cast your name into the pot and maybe you'll be picked! Also keep your eyes open for the open topic article which will appear in two weeks to have your input in the podcast on the subject.

Illustration for article titled Ani-TAY Podcast Episode 1 : Pilot

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