As the dust settles after last season, there's something almost all fans of a visual medium does. We do this after every season, every year, every news announcement. It is that we hope that our favourite and beloved series gets a sequel! Sometimes we yearn for a re-make of a series that defile our sacred source material or was tainted by something awful. Maybe we just crave to be together with a certain character and enter that world again.

In anime this happens far too often. FAR TOO OFTEN. Due to the nature of how many series are created as trials and gambles, then casted aside if sales are too poor. When the industry is centred on DVD/BD sales, it dictates what lives and what dies, regardless of the quality.

Though this slightly differs between each of us, we still share the same goal of wanting more. It starts (or ends) with that cliff hanger at the end of the season! On the other hand we were just encapsulated by the world and setting that we just want to experience it once again. Perhaps we were charmed by a single character/group that we want a series revolving around them instead. A multitude of reasons could be the cause of our anticipation year in year out, a never ending dream inside of us that wishes and still looks up in the heavens hoping it would be a reality.

This is the topic we'll be discussing on the podcast. Is there a sequel/re-make/spin-off you want made in your vision that hasn't been announced or previously made?


We all have our own personal series we urge on, and keep the flame alive inside of us. We on the cast would love it if you share yours, and hopefully we can share them on the episode!