I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Wassup TAY? It's Salvador again with another anime related question.

Last week I posed the question of what anime or anime moments made you


tear up or have some feelings

. This week we're going to the opposite side of the spectrum: What anime moments made you squee with joy, stand up and cheer, or just makes you happy?

Maybe it's when Goku finally went Super Saiyan? Kon kissing Haruhi? Seras Victoria finally going complete vampire badass on Zorin Blitz?

I know one moment for me was this one in Oreimo:


I quite literally squealed with joy.

So tell me TAY, what anime moment was pure joy for you?

Remember TAYers, if you wanna be part of all the fun, hit up AniTAY for all your anime needs, and TAY Classic for all of your regular TAY needs. Check out the Community TAYlendar for some geek and nerd related events updated by the TAY community. Also, the month is almost over, but why not check out the TAY Photoshop Submission.

Don't forget the Anime Club is tomorrow!


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