I'm really feeling it!

Hello all! Salvador here with a quick anime question before the holidays (and crazy shopping) kick off.

A few months back a couple of friends and I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta, or AWA for short, to enjoy a weekend of anime goodness. While there, I had another friend in the area that just wanted to meet up and catch up, but had never really gotten into anime or "What is it all about?" as he put it.


So the question I pose to you TAY-ers is, "What ONE anime would you show someone to show them what anime is all about?"

To the uninitiated or those that just judge a book by it's cover, an anime like Kill la Kill might seem nothing more than ultra fanservice and violence, but digging a bit deeper you begin to see that it's so much more.


Pictured: Fascism

So what will it be Ani-TAYers? Maybe Witchblade, FLCL, Grave of the Fireflies, Dragon Ball, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Guilty Crown, or something else completely?


Films or series count so have at it in the comments!

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