I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Ani-TAY Question: Tears Edition

Hey TAY! I'm not dead! Life has just been all over the place and me with it! But I'm back with a quick question!


So while in my absence I managed to finish Blue Exorcist (I swear I have a review coming) and was surprised that there were actually some parts where I started getting misty eyed (they were manly tears I swear!).

So Ani-TAYers, what are some anime moments that had you tearing up or reaching for the Kleenex? Of course, expect SPOILERS!

**Spoilers Start**

In Blue Exorcist, there were two. The first was when Kuro, Shiro's familiar guarding True Cross Academy found out about Shiro's death. Powerful episode. The second is when you learn about how Shiro used to be before he adopted the boys. Watching how much he changed for them just hit me for some reason (and the person I was watching with it to. "I wasn't ready for these feels." she said.)

Another one that comes to mind is the end of Witchblade. It makes the entire series a 'Must Watch' for the fact that Masane sacrificed herself for her daughter and gave this series some emotional depth instead of just the fan service, action anime that I thought it was.

**End Spoilers**

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