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Ani-TAY Review: GJ-Bu

This will be my attempt to do reviews on shows that I consider Great Animes no one watched, the criteria I'm using is what information is available at the internet, and if the people I know have actually heard anything about the show. This time is the turn for GJ-bu (Good Job Club)

What's the show about: Based on a series of Light Novels promoted as the first and only 4-koma Light Novel it is a slice of life anime about a guy and four girls in a club which functions are never mentioned, so it's all about the interaction and relationship development of the characters. Let's say it's something along the lines of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai less the story, or more precise Lucky☆Star club version.


First Let's talk about the characters: Kyōya aka Kyoro is the only male member of the club and the main protagonist of the story, he joined the club only after being kidnapped by the others. Being kind and courteous he becomes an easy prey for the girls teasing, and his special ability is hair-brushing. Mao is the president of the club, a small girl who enjoys picking and biting Kyoro when bored or angry (Index style) and who can't stand the idea of kissing to the point she chooses very careful what he read to avoid scenes of kissing (even cheek and forehead). Megumi is Mao little sister, and she is the exact opposite from her sister, a nice girl with a calm demeanor and is always making tea and snacks for everyone, but who minds her weight a lot. Shion is the genius of the group, she has a lot of brothers who are all recognized as experts in some kind of activity, and she herself is a chess genius. Likes to act as the older sister - senpai of the group bit lacks knowledge of mundane things like Instant Ramen. Kirara is a somewhat cat-girl, and is always seen eating meat, can talk to cats and behaves like one, the tallest and strongest of the group. And finally Tamaki, the newest member of the club who also was kidnapped and "invited" to join the club, she is always eating snacks, stalking others with her camera (which she hides pretty well) and teasing Megumi about her weight, since states that she won't get fat no matter how much she eats.

The story covers the daily activities of the people at the club, but since what are supposed to be such activities is never stated, this is just the interaction of the characters at a room after school, with the appearances or other characters every now and then (little sisters, maids, little sisters with brother complex, and little sisters from overseas, you know, the usual). I can say that what I just mention is a huge spoiler in a series that can be considered a show about nothing, but fortunately, this is a series that you must experiment in order to really appreciate it.


Great: One of the strong points of the series is the omission of character annoyances, being a series full of well known cliches and stereotypes, the show actually manage to avoid the worst and boring parts of those stereotypes and throws some variations in here and there (Ore-man). So yeah, the characters are the main selling point of the Anime.


Half Full-Half Empty: A show that's pretty entertaining but that you will probably easily forget (like me, I had to re watch some parts to do this review, cause I have forgotten about of a lot of things) since really it will entertain you, but at the end you will realize there are not many things worth watching. The music is nothing memorable, is nice and a good companion to the screen action but nothing else. The opening is quite catchy.

Bad: Like many other Slice-of life Animes, it suffers from repetition, and seeing the same joke twice will not achieve the same effect. Also the lack of story may scare some at the latter half of the show because of the same reason.


My exact thought on this review

Verdict: The show doesn't offer anything new (since the genre is already over-populated), the episodes are somewhat self contained so it doesn't have a story to build and the characters are probably something you have seen in another slice-of-life show, and that may sound bad, but it isn't, because it does things the right way, avoids annoying the viewer, offers some variation here and there, and has the ability to capture your attention.


If you want your series action packed, with deep plots, and being mind-f**ked this is not the show for you.

In one short sentence: Just plain simple and entertaining, but nothing memorable.


Random Facts

In episode 2, Megumi is seeing holing a box Twister. On the cover, there are three girls who look a lot like Rei, Asuka and Mari (from Evangelion)


In episode 6, Kasumi, Kyoro's Little sister is seen reading Detective Doiru , a not-so subtile reference to Detective Conan.

In Episode 9, Tama is reading what it looks like a Manga Magazine. The character portraits from Psycho Pass are on the front cover with different hair colours

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