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Ani-TAY Review: Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Kamiomi doing the Hare Hare Yukaihere it is

This time I'll be reviewing Sasami-san@Ganbaranai also known as "What if SHAFT animated The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya??"


Disclaimer: This is part of a series of reviews of Anime which I think people should be more aware of. For that purpose I'm using the tag Ani-NOW, meaning Anime No One Watched, I'm tweaking the review format a little to adjust to the objective of the review series: Try to make people interested in watcing the show without spoiling too much.

Summary: The Japanese call them hikikomori; people who've become so withdrawn socially that they refuse to leave their homes for weeks and even months at a time. For Sasami Tsukuyomi, who's attempting to pass her first year of high school despite being a shut in, it's more than just a word.

Fortunately though, she lives with her older brother Kamiomi, who just happens to be a teacher at the school Sasami is supposed to attend. Not to mention, her "Brother Surveillance Tool" which lets her view the outside world via her computer and will, theoretically, allow her to readjust to interfacing with people again.


What it mainly does, however, is let her view her brother's interactions with the three very odd Yagami sisters, who inexplicably seem to have had their ages reversed and have various types of "interest" in Kamiomi. And then things start to get really weird... Magical powers? Everything turning into chocolate? Is life via the web warping Sasami's brain, or is it the universe that's going crazy?

  • Although the summary makes it sound as if the series is about a hikikomori, things are not as simple, the plot thickens with every chapter and despite the show getting more and more confusing the more information we get, at the end all the questions are answered and we get to see how every character trait has an explanation behind it.
  • The show manages to be consistently surprising and entertaining and it keeps improving to the very end. Also both the Visuals and Music are very unique and helps to improve the experience.
  • The characters are deep and they keep developing trough the course of the series, and of course everyone of them has a nice and rich back-story.
  • The series has a unique but very complicated story, the plot is changing after every episode, and it's very hard to follow, causing the story to feel all over the place and leaves the viewer trying to play catch up. Also it may feel like there's a lot of content and at that at the end none of it comes together.
  • You have to go past the first couple of episodes to enjoy this show, which is no easy feat, since it seems the series it's trying its hardest to weird you out at the beginning, one example of this is a scene involving Sasami changing clothes, and we get to see all 30 seconds of it (no fanservice)
  • The ending is a bit rushed and it's not a good thing to do while the show is doing a lot of explanation

In short: A bold series with smart humor and likable characters. While the story is nice it is difficult to follow and at times it can be intimidating but there's no dull moment in the Anime which may not be a good thing for some. One thing is for sure, this is a very polarizing series, but a must watch nevertheless. So go watch it and choose your side.


Random Facts:

  • Did I mention that the show is reminiscent of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?, well, the show it's very aware of this and from episode 1 we get to see Kamiomi doing the Hare Hare Yukai Dance, and in the next episode Kagami uses the line "I have no interest in ordinary humans". Also the OP has some homages to Haruhi's OP, and did you knew that that one was a Homage to the Vision of Escaflowne OP??
  • Also in episode 1 while browsing the Internet Sasami encounters an Anime called "Choco and Choco and Cholate" and wonders "What Happened to Love and elections", referring to the Anime adaptation of the visual novel Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, or Love, Elections & Chocolate, a series that I'll be reviewing soon as part of the Ani-NOW series
  • It's already up there in a banner, but again. Remember, pretending to be Sailor Moon doesn't help you masking your hidden Agenda.

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