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Ani-TAY: Subtitles Or Not?

So, it's probably a little too soon to call it a day, but that won't stop me from sitting down and enjoying some quality anime time. I'm finally going to start watching Steins;Gate, after my fellow Ani-TAYers convinced me to check it out. So, I make myself some nachos and something to drink, and sit down in front of my comp, totally focused on what's to come. I log into Hulu, type in "Steins;Gate", and then I'm stopped in my tracks. . . . . .

Ugh . . . . which to choose?

And normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but I gave it some more thought this time. Usually, I go with the original Japanese audio, because why not? Most of the series I've checked out recently only have this option, and being a student of the Japanese language, I guess it helps out to a certain degree, right? But then I considered the hard-working voice actors of the dub, and remember all those fun times I've had at Q&A sessions with them at conventions, and how much work it is. "Well, you do sorta help the industry if you listen to the dubs. . . ." I thought. I mean, demand for dubs translates to more jobs for more people, and a richer anime industry outside of Japan, right? Oh, but I'd be missing out on the elegant sounding Japanese voice acting, and the way the language is composed is something I always appreciate. So what should I do? Well, I took the manly approach at solving my dillema. . . . I flipped a coin! HA! Subbed version it is! What an easy choice to make, thanks to my good friend, Mr. Quarter.


I can't think of a single everyday problem that can't be solved with a good ol' fashion coin toss. . . . well, unless there's three options of course.

But, unfortunately, we anime consumers aren't necessarily known for our simplicity and courteous manner of interacting with the opinions of others. To this day, the community is split into two; Dubbers and Subbers. I don't know how many times I've heard the "Real anime fans watch the Japanese version" argument, and seen the battle begin. Just why is it so big of deal? Why must people mindlessly begin heated debates over it? Why can't people simply enjoy the best of both worlds? Why isn't my microwave heating up my nacho cheese uniformly? And more importantly, what does TAY have to say on this?

So yes, that is all for today. . . . well, kinda. I may post an "Reaction to X series" post later on, or maybe tomorrow. Depends on when's best for the Ani-TAY people :P

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