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Ani-TAY Sunday Café

Come join us in the Ani-TAY Café: your stop for discussing all things anime, manga, visual novels, and anything Japan. This week the Café opens with a mission statement, the usual contributors to our little slice-of-life, and a request from the Ani-TAY Podcast for a good name and an image!

This is the first weekly discussion for all things Ani-TAY. It's my first step toward making a more unified Ani-TAY community where we can all talk about everything our hearts desire. The Ani-TAY waiters (writers) can coordinate on all things Ani-TAY and the customers (readers) can participate in discussions on anime.


Writing on the Wall - Dex's Ani-TAY Manifesto:

Here on Ani-TAY, we're focused on all things East, particularly Japan. We're a small community made up of very like-minded authors. As of last week, the Ani-TAY community seemed to be in favor of using the Ani-TAY tag for everything inclusive of manga, light novels, visual novels, and beyond, so I'd like to make that official.

As of now, I'd like to encourage everyone to use the Ani-TAY tag for everything from the Far East. If you're going to talk about a medium like visual novels, you should tag it with "Visual Novel" to describe the medium in conjunction with Ani-TAY tag.


To me, and many of my fellow members of Team Ani-TAY, our primary goal at Ani-TAY is simple: We want to spread Eastern culture to our fellow readers through articles and reviews alike.

Of course, our little community has grown quite a bit, so Ani-TAY writers have been accidentally bumping into each other. For that reason I'm establishing an optional spreadsheet to help coordinate who does what. This is beneficial as it allows reviews on the same topic to be staggered or even collaborated on in advance. I would highly recommend collaborating on reviews in place of staggering reviews. It's a more community-oriented way to do it.


There are four sheets within the spreadsheet document.

There is a reviews spreadsheet for quickly identifying whom is going to post what in the near future. There is also a specials article for if you're planning a big article in the near future about anything Ani-TAY. We'd love to spread these out on a weekly basis so that we can see everyone get as much as coverage as they want (clustering together tends to split view numbers). This is, of course, optional and you can post it whenever you want. This is just a way to help maintain fairness as Ani-TAY grows. There's also a "Recurring Features" sheet to deal with articles like this one. It outlines ongoing features for everyone's benefit. The last sheet is for submitting possible discussion topics for the Sunday Café. These can be anything from anime to visual novels. If the topics are anime-related and interesting enough, you may even see it crossover with the Ani-TAY Podcast.


The Café Staff:

The staff were decided purely by who has actively used the Ani-TAY tag in the past two months. Future café articles will highlight newcomers.


Around the Café:

Today's Special:

Today I have a pretty selfish item on the special menu. A great number of the Ani-TAY readers will know that I'm one of the founding members of the official Ani-TAY Podcast. Unfortunately, something terrible has happened.


We still can't come up with cooler name! It's pretty terrible. In addition, we're looking for a good header image for the article that is 1280x720 and an image to associate with our iTunes podcast that is 1400x1400. The iTunes podcast image would need to be indicative of the podcast and be free of any problematic copyright.


Not feeling like having today's special? This is a discussion! Go around the café and meet your fellow Ani-TAY readers and writers. Talk about whatever is your fancy. You'll probably find me in the comments talking about visual novels.

I look forward to seeing Ani-TAY readers and writers coming together in future Café visits as well.


Remember that the Café has a selection of assets for your Ani-TAY article writing and spreadsheets for coordinating with your fellow Ani-TAY writers.


Credit to FruityDrinks for demanding that the title rhyme, which directly led to this becoming the theme for all future Ani-TAY public topics.

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