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Screencap from Super Dimension Fortress Macross, adapted in the West as Robotech.

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Today's Special:

Up until the late 90's, anime enjoyed almost no public exposure here in the United States, much less so in other parts of the west. What we did get was heavily edited for western audiences. One such series was Super Dimension Fortress Macross, which never reached the west in an unaltered form. Instead, we got Robotech, a series that is polarizing among anime fans. The script was altered to make Macross the first of a three part anime saga, followed by two completely unrelated anime series that were altered to be a continuation of the show.


Eventually though, anime took off in the west. In the late 90's, an inexplicable rise in popularity brought anime and other Japanese media into the mainstream and it became profitable. At least some credit can be given to Cartoon Network's Toonami, which successfully brought anime to the television on a well-known and distributed channel. It became the new home of a budding generation of anime fans across the United States.


That brings us to our discussion today, were you around during the great anime surge of the millennium? If you were, what shows did you watch around that time that you liked? If you weren't around for it, then just go ahead and tell us when you did join the craze.

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