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Come join us in the Ani-TAY Café: your stop for discussing all things anime, manga, visual novels, and anything Japan. This week the Café has the new contributors to our establishment and an open discussion about how Japanese storytelling has affected you.

Screencap from Muv-Luv Alternative (visual novel).

This is a weekly discussion for all things Ani-TAY. The Ani-TAY waiters (writers) can coordinate on all things Ani-TAY and the customers (readers) can participate in discussions on anime.


I'm fresh off of working on the Ani-TAY Podcast with Fruity, Rock, Richard, and Aestevalis. After a bit of "fun" at the beginning, the whole thing went pretty well! We're anxious to get it out for everyone to listen to. Keep an eye out for it later this week!

The New Staff:

The new staff are new writers that have contributed since last week.

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Today's Special:

Everyone in Ani-TAY has watched and played a wide variety of stories out of Japan. Alongside anime there's also an expansive entertainment industry including visual novels, light novels, video games, manga, and probably even more to get some nice Japanese storytelling from.

Personally I've made no secret of my preference for eastern media due to its more outwardly fantastical tendencies. I want to be awed and inspired by my media, something that I nearly never get from the western shows I watch. Moreover though, I really want a story that affects me at my core. In the past I've found just that in shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion and games like Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. A couple of weeks ago though, I rediscovered that feeling one again when I played the Muv-Luv saga.


These examples of storytelling have deeply affected me in no small amount and actively altered my outlook on various aspects of life. So that's today's topic: have you ever experienced a moment in Japanese storytelling that rattled you, changed you, or made you re-examine your life in some way? Why did it happen?

Don't like today's special? Well there's plenty on the menu, so take a walk around the Café and talk with the other customers. Talk about anything.


Remember that the Café has a selection of assets for your Ani-TAY article writing and spreadsheets for coordinating with your fellow Ani-TAY writers.


Credit to FruityDrinks for demanding that the title rhyme, which directly led to this becoming the theme for all future Ani-TAY public topics.

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