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Today's Special:

It's the eternal war in entertainment. It's the genesis of hundreds of hours of fighting, blackmail, and backstabbing. Friends have been lost, shows abandoned, arguments ignited, and threats sent to writers because of this single, all-encompassing war.


That's right: Best Girl (or Guy).

This topic is brought on by a small-scale battle of this war that occurred earlier this week in the Buddy Complex review. There's a lot of tension among the anime community over who the "best" girl of every show is. Likewise, there's even more tension over THE "best" girl in anime and beyond.

You'll rarely find a more divisive argument among fans anywhere. It's by no means a war exclusive to anime. This is a war you'll find in visual novels, western television, and literally every other kind of storytelling there is.


When it comes down to it, a great deal of us are even conflicted ourselves. Personally, my recent stint with Muv-Luv left me quite confused over which camp I should fall into.

On one hand I have Mitsurugi Meiya, a decisive hard-working woman that (by the end of Alternative) proved she was willing to do anything to get Takeru to love her. She was willing to share his suffering, went to extreme lengths to protect him, and even pulled the "I Want My Beloved to Be Happy" trope at least three* times (doing it once just wasn't enough).


On the other hand, I had Kagami Sumika. She was the short-tempered childhood friend that morphed from my least favorite character in the beginning, to one of the most heartwarming by the end of Extra, to one of the most sympathetic and brilliantly written characters by Alternative. Her persistence was heartwarming and her devotion even more so.

Meiya or Sumika... I honestly can't tell you which one was better and it'll be a while before I'm able to make that judgement. The both are quite incredible characters in their own right.

So that's the topic today. Who's your "Best Girl" (or Guy)? Who's your Waifu/Husbando? Why is she (or he) the best? Any fun stories or explanations for us today?


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*Technically speaking it was really more like nine.

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