Come join us in the Ani-TAY Café: your stop for discussing all things anime, manga, visual novels, and anything Japan. This week the Café is discussing art. Yes, let's discuss those beautiful backgrounds that we see every time we watch anime.

Screencap from "The Princess and the Pilot".

Quick aside, I'm so close to vindicated! So close!

[10:50:49 AM] RockmanDash12: That was a bad idea... Doing an all nighter for muv-luv

[10:51:00 AM] RockmanDash12: >_>

[10:51:06 AM] David: And?

[10:51:56 AM] RockmanDash12: Alternative is amazing.

[10:52:11 AM] RockmanDash12: I just got through the coup de tat

[10:52:24 AM] RockmanDash12: I couldn't find a good place to stop :|

[10:52:42 AM] RockmanDash12: The last game I pulled an all nighter for was Civ

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Today's Special:

Obviously we enjoy anime for a bit comedy and drama. That's what keeps us coming back for more, but it certainly doesn't hurt to slip in some precision scenery porn to reward the audience. The anime industry has proven itself to be capable of many very excellent examples of animation. While these examples are usually restricted to anime movies, the television shows aren't exactly scrappy either.

Take the final moments of The Pilot's Love Song or several scenes of White Album 2 for example. There's plenty to love here from the epic plane animation of Love song to the vibrant and artistic White Album 2.


So that's today's short topic in a nutshell. What shows and anime movies have you watched that have had exemplary animation?

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