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Header from G-senjou no Maou, the next visual novel I'm taking on.

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Usually these discussions are more abstract, but today I think I'll start us off by talking about everything but anime. Anime is great and all, but we've got visual novels, light novels, and manga too! Particularly as of late I've been getting back into visual novel medium after only mixed dabblings in it before this year.


If you haven't seen my recent ramblings on VNs, I'm impressed. I've taken on Muv-Luv, Sharin no Kuni, and Grisaia no Kajitsu these past couple months. All of them were, of course, good, but Muv-Luv will forever hold a special place in my hall of awesome. I also started G-senjou no Maou tonight and I was impressed by how strong it started, especially compared to the somewhat mixed beginning of Grisaia. It probably helps that G-senjou's opening theme is up there with my favorites in history.

In addition, I'm also subjecting myself to the "Daily Life with a Monster Girl" manga for TAY's future enjoyment and I'm on-and-off reading the Spice and Wolf light novel series when I have a chance.

So that's the cheap topic today guys, besides anime have you tried any of these mediums? Anything you're currently working on or any particular series you want to point out for everyone's enjoyment?


Don't like today's special? Well there's plenty on the menu, so take a walk around the Café and talk with the other customers. Talk about anything.

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