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Come join us in the Ani-TAY Café: your stop for discussing all things anime, manga, visual novels, and anything Japan. This week the Café is discussing pleasant surprises. Come by and talk about everything with us.

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The last week has been a very exciting one for me. On top of a partial translation of Muv-Luv Altered Fable (which basically covered everything I needed), 100% translations of Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles 01 and 02 were also released over the past two weeks. It's a huge surprise after months of radio silence on many of these ongoing translations and an even bigger surprise after the translation outfit behind the two main games (Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative) announced it wouldn't pursue any of the spin-off material.

Honestly, I'd resigned myself to playing through these spin-offs in a few years when my Japanese had improved a bit more, but now it doesn't even matter! After working nearly 70 hours at my maintenance job this week (and battling physical exhaustion), this news was the one thing that managed to brighten my week considerably.


And there's today's topic: Have you ever had a pleasant surprise like this? Something get translated like my example that you wanted? A show get continued that you really hoped for?

Don't like today's special? Well there's plenty on the menu, so take a walk around the Café and talk with the other customers. Talk about anything.


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