I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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For the longest time I have had one stalwart rule when it comes to anime; never drop an anime. I have held the long belief that there isn't an anime out there that is so bad that I just can't take watching it anymore. I thought every anime should have enough good things going for it to make it at least bearable to make it through the long haul of its season. So any anime I started I would finish. Maybe not immediately, but I would eventually return and finish the job.

Well I was wrong. There at least exists one anime so damn bad that I just cannot will myself to finish wasting my time. That anime is this season's Pupa. Based on a horror manga about a girl named Yume who becomes a flesh eating monster and her brother Utsutsu who tries to reign her in, Pupa had a decent amount of hype and expectations built up for it, especially considering the praise I keep seeing being levied at the manga.


However, this anime is just awful. Just....god awful. There is barely any plot at all. The show constantly switches between scenes with barely any warning, and the scene shifts don't explain anything. Hell there is so far barely any explaining at all! This series is, 3 episodes in, just a collection of animated scenes with barely any explanation for anything and hardly any story told.

Of course, this is all because of the show only being a short series. Each episode, when you include the opening and ending, clocks in at only 4 minutes long. And there is only 12 episodes, so all told, this show only has about 36 minutes of actual content(the opening and ending combine for about a minute of each episode, so it bring the total run time of 48 minutes down), so not even 2 full length episodes worth of time to cover the entire manga.

The rotten, stank ass cherry on top is that because I was watching the show on Crunchyroll, it was the broadcasted version, meaning they censor the gore, the only thing that remotely makes the show worth seeing.

I have stared into the abyss. I finally know what an anime series with no redeeming qualities looks like. Hell just about the only remotely good thing to come out from this show so far is the hilarious official discussion thread for it on Crunchyroll's forum, where many of us decided to look at the show as a freaking comedy!


So, yeah, Pupa is a crap anime that I just can't will myself to watch anymore. The fact that it was the last show on my Thursday queue this season makes it even easier to drop. Now my Thursdays are back to blissfully ending with Golden Time.

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