I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

So . . . Against my better judgement, I watched the first episode of a series my friend recommended . . . I should've known better based on the snickering, but I went ahead and did it anyways . . . NEVER AGAIN.


Ever heard of Yumeria? No? GOOD. Seriously. I mean, it's just . . . It's just . . . You should watch it, and tell me what you think . . . Anyways, it all went more or less like this*:

TUT: Ugh, dude, P4 is pissing me off. I literally just rage quit. What a shitty way to spend the evening . . . I think I'll go watch something. You know, I've been avoiding series I've been following lately. I dunno why. So, is there anything I should try out?

TUT's Friend: . . . Yumeria . . . Do it.

TUT: . . . Fine, on what?

TUT's Friend: Hulu

*Goes to Hulu, types in the title, is greeted by this*

Illustration for article titled Ani-TAY: The Worst Youve Seen

TUT: . . . I think I'm gonna check out Blood Lad :I

TUT's Friend: NO! Watch this. Do it!

*Starts watching*

TUT: Dude, the English voices are just . . . abysmal. And I usually don't bitch about this shit :I

TUT's "Friend": I know. Just keep watching, it's funny.

*Continues watching*

TUT: . . . The OP is . . .

TUT's "Friend": Just keep at it! It'll make you funny. Sisu, man! SISU!

TUT: Ugh, fine . . . asshole.

*watches first 15 mins*

TUT: . . . Wut . . .

TUT: Why is the teacher? . . . O.o

TUT's "Friend": Don't even ask. Don't talk. Just watch.

TUT: . . . This is horrible.

TUT's "Friend": LMFAO XD Just finish it dude, you're almost done.

*TUT finally summons all the strength needed to continue this task*

TUT: Alright, I'm done with it . . . NEVER AGAIN.

TUT: Seriously!

TUT: You watched all of this!? Why do you do this to yourself!? The Respect-O-Meter is plummeting. FAST.

TUT's Friend: Dude! It was me and [TUT's Other Friend], we had nothing to do, we were bored, so we started going through random series to check them out, and we thought this was hilariously bad.

TUT's Friend: We watched A LOT of lame shit, dude. You know, I could've totally given you something else.

TUT: . . . This made me cry inside.

TUT's Friend: XD

TUT: I mean, it's just . . . The animation is so lame, I actually cared about it this time. The colors are just . . . eegh. The voice acting is depressing, the characters are bland and generic, the plot is dumb, there's too many lolis and too much ass, there's too much fanservice IN THE FIRST EPISODE, it's too . . . I've lost hope. And this shit is old, too. This made me lose hope in Anime's future . . . This made me lose hope in life . . .

TUT's Friend: I know! The only reason I recommended it was because it was horrible . . .

TUT: This is like, quite possibly THE worst I've seen. And I've covered wars, you know!? It's so bad, I'll be writing about it.

TUT's Friend: XD

TUT: . . . T_T

TUT's Friend: It's alright, man. It's over. It's in the past now.

Seriously. It's just . . . It's nails on a chalkboard to me. Buy anyways! What about you guys!? ^^

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