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Ani-TAY: Things The Fans Do. . .

So, I'm sure many of you have gone to cons and such, and have had your unfortunate misadventures at them as well, right? Or you probably have a pet peeve that fans just love to do constantly. I mean, of course it happens, we're all different. But that doesn't mean something can't piss me off, right?? RIGHT???

In my case, I despise fangirls, and those who ship characters like there's no tomorrow. I mean, just why??? When I went to Saboten Con last year, I had just recently watched Baccano! I was talking to a person there, and barely mentioned the title, WHEN SUDDENLY FOR NO FUCKIN' REASON, TWO NEARBY GIRLS SQUEALED THEIR FAVORITE CHARACTER'S NAMES.


Yes, the use of bold caps is totally necessary

I mean, really, why is that necessary? Why do they do it?? You can have a favorite character, sure, no problem. But there's no need to get that worked up, you know?

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Not that type of shipping :P

Then there's the people who 'ship characters too much. I don't get that either. If some romance is clearly going on in-story, well cool, it's happening. But why must people seek out vague little hints and constantly and annoyingly go out of their way to bring them to our attention?? . . . ok, fine, I only encounter these in the comment sections of videos and stuff. But do you have any idea how hard it can be to avoid the comments sometimes? I dunno, I find it annoying. And the more serious and mature a series is, the more it pisses me off when I see it. . .


So what about you, TAY?

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