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Ani-TAY Trainime Review - Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun

Hey guys Sylverfyst back again with another anime review! For those of you wondering where my regular Trainime impressions from the previous week's new anime is, don't fret, I'm working on a mega one for the last three episodes of each! (It's not delayed because I've been playing the PS4, nope definitely not that >.> )

Anyway, when I was doing my review for Killzone Shadow Fall I came upon a new system for the way I'm going to do reviews, whether they be video games, anime or comics/manga (if I ever get back to that!). It's going to work like this, I'll open up with an introduction to the subject at hand, and then I'll put the review into three sections: The Fabulous, The Meh, and The Unfabulous. For my Trainime Reviews I'll continue to use the Trains as my rating scale, it'll be something different for video games or comics. So with that brief explanation, let's begin with the review!


Introduction: I watched this series a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just getting to this review now. I've read the manga as well prior to watching the show, so keep that in mind as I may be a tad biased from prior information about the story. The show is about two people in particular, Shizuku and Haru, neither of which fit in with normal society. Shizuku is cold and calculating focusing on her studies and Haru is violent and brash, but kind at heart (he's just misunderstood really). It's about the relationship between these two characters and their friends. It's not the strongest romantic comedy based anime I've seen, but it's one of the better ones.

The Fabulous: The animation in this is pretty top notch, it's not always the prettiest, but it always fits the situation of the story. The super deformed moments are hysterical and well timed. It's also one of the more colorful Rom-Com anime shows out there. It's pretty much exactly what I was expecting from this adaptation and that's a good thing. The humor! It's one of the funnier anime I've watched in a while. Haru's great, he has so many misunderstandings about what high school life is supposed to be like that it gives way to some interesting situations. Nagoya! anytime the rooster shows up the show kicks it's humor into overdrive. Shizuku's best when she's so exasperated she doesn't know how to deal, it happens a lot and it gave me the giggles constantly. The drama is good in some parts, Haru and Shizuku work great together when the series focuses on them, the chemistry is palpable. I also really enjoyed the OST for this one, it's catchy and fits the tone perfectly.


The Meh: The other side characters are not fleshed out here as much as they probably should be. Sasayan-kun is one of the more interesting characters in the manga and has a role similar to Satoshi in Hyouka, which is high praise of the character, but the anime squanders this opportunity and just kinda has him there as an entertaining friend character. Yamaken is also underdeveloped here and you never really feel like he's a threat to the Haru/Shizuku romance like you do when you read the manga. Some of the story threads just kind of get abandoned as well.


The Unfabulous: Haru has some lines that really grate on you in the beginning, to the point of saying "WHAT?! why would she like him after that?!" seriously though, he threatens to rape her at one point. Maybe that's just a bad translation, but still that's pretty awful. He hits her (accidentally) a couple of times throughout the series, and it just seems weird that she would continue to feel for him after all this. Oh and biggest problem with it overall, is the ending. The ending is not a real ending, it's a major cliffhanger and I know it's because the manga is still ongoing, but c'mon seriously guys? Almost every other adaptation to a Manga or light novels that are still ongoing have better conclusions than this. I would have been happier if the studio had come up with their own conclusion rather than this empty ending.


The Conclusion: It's a good series, it's funny and has a few will-they-won't-they moments that work really well, some of the characters get neglected and the ending is piss poor, but the ride to get there was fun. I give this one:

Three out of Five Trains!

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