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Disclaimer: I originally intended to publish this Yesterday but Kinja was not being nice with me so..... Here it is, one day later. Special thanks to I_Kluge for the help

So I was kind of disconnected from the world this weekend, and when I came back, I found this Amazing Anime/Game Related News:

First things first:

  • Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei gets Anime Adaptation

At last! Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei is getting an Anime Adaptation!! Just what i needed to start the weekend. This is based on a very popular (and one of my favorites) Light Novels and for some reason despite its very established popularity there wasn't an Anime Adaptation. Now I just have to wait, and when it comes out, you totally should check it out. Here's a trailer and the summary:


Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei: The story takes place in a world in which magic is not a fairy tale, but has existed for nearly one hundred years. In the spring, the Private Magic University Affiliated High School (Magic High School for short) is welcoming its new students, and names the top student with the best grades at the time of their arrival the Bloom, and the student called the Weed is the Bloom's replacement.

Twin siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are designated as the Weed and Bloom, respectively. Miyuki is given the title of Bloom due to her amazing grades, while Tatsuya is given the title of Weed due to his poor grades. Tatsuya, the young man who always has a farsighted expression, and Miyuki, the young woman who feels far more for her brother than sibling love. Since the day the two entered the gates of the elite school, the establishment's peaceful days have become chaotic.

That last part makes it sound like OreImo with magic huh?. Hey speaking of Oreimo, Shonen Jump is not the only one making his all-stars fighting game, Dengeki Bunko is releasing Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax an all-star fighting game which will feature a lot of heroines from their Light Novels (And very famous Anime adaptations) including Asuna from SAO, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Misaka from the To Aru series and Kirino from OreImo, so at last you would be able to beat the crap out of Kirino and relief that bitter taste that was left in the mouth of many from that ending. Check the trailer:

This actually looks quite nice!

This was all announced in the Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival where they also presented a Golden Time game for PSVita, a series which you may already know I love.

Attack On Titan


For all of you Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) fans, there is going to be an official 1/1-scale 3D Maneuver Gear scheduled for release in 2014. I think this is made for cosplay purposes, so no, I don't think you can climb walls with this (And this is not going to stop someone from doing it), but of course you could always make your own. Oh and the manga has already sold 25 Million copies btw and if you missed you, here are some secret and funny facts from the series.


Sword Art Online

It was announced that Sword Art Online‘s “Extra Edition” anime TV special will air in Japan on December 31, the synopsis, uhmmm, well see for yourselves.

Warning *Character Identity Spoilers*

Yui wants to see a whale, so Kirito and company challenge an underwater quest in Alfheim Online. But a surprising fact comes to light. Strangely enough, Leafa… Suguha can’t handle being in the water. In the real world, Asuna and the girls give Suguha a swimming lesson. Meanwhile, Kirito has a meeting with a certain someone.


Yep, that's right, a chapter about whales which most probably would end up as the "you know it was coming* pool/beach chapter.

The (probably) good news? there is going to be a new game for PSVITA titled Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment which will feature an all New Character (The one you see at the top), check the trailer below:

Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica


There is a new trailer for the upcoming 3rd movie: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Shinpen: Hangyaku no Monogatari and it looks really promising, here is the trailer but I would only put the link, since it contains heavy spoilers: Trailer.

The funny part, is that the promotion campaign includes this amazingly geeked Taxi, and man, I totally wouldn't be embarrassed for riding this cab (no sarcasm, really).


And last but not least, this glasses:


What do they do? Nothing Much, they only provide near-instant translation of Japanese text




What a way to start the week huh? Now it's your turn, Tell me what other things did I miss?

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