I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Are you ready to go to the beta world line?

House Rules:

1. Do not discuss past the covered episode in the post. Because people are expected to have already watched the week's episodes, spoiler tags are unnecessary.

2. If you've seen the series beforehand, please don't ruin the fun for others and spoil the story (especially with Steins;Gate!). Discussion of such material is not prohibited but please exercise caution in posting. If you really wish to discuss material further along than what we've watched (which is fun for a series like Steins;Gate because of the time travel mechanic which reveals unexplained stuff in the earlier episodes), please put bountiful and large spoiler warnings. Replies to spoiler-y material should also have spoiler warnings.

3. GIFs are appreciated. Have fun and be nice or whatever!

Moeka's arc is intense, huh? We finally see Okarin really starting to break and show his dark side. I mean, yeah, it's a bit understandable since he saw Moeka kill Mayushi over and over again but it was still disconcerting seeing Okarin wrestle with Moeka and just act like that, all to save Mayushi.


One thing that perplexed me with this arc, though...did he tell Moeka he knows about the Rounders when he time leaped to see the IBN being taken from the locker? Moeka knew that Okarin was waiting near the lockers, it's not like she just accidentally saw him because she was bringing food.

Also, that part where he tried to kill himself in the hopes that something would change...that was a big kick in the gut, huh? Okarin is really becoming desperate. I also love Mayushi's character development in this arc.


Also, Mister Braun being FB is just a stroke of genius. And that scene near the construction area was really really great.

And now...the one thing I think people have forgotten for almost 18 episodes...Going back to the beta world line means that Kurisu will die. I love how the series diverted the audience' attention from the thing that actually started this whole time travelling conundrum. Again, Kurisu and Okarin, specially Okarin, turn in great and subtle performances showing how these characters have come to rely upon each other without resorting to excessive melodrama and dramatic monologues.


As for getting back to the beta world line? I'd be lying if I said I'm emotionally ready.

This is it. The final stretch. Please don't forget to watch episodes 22-24 of Steins;Gate for next week's meeting.


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