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AniClub: Steins;Gate Edition: Hacking to the Gate (Ep. 22-25)

Everyone's welcome to this edition of AniClub! Anyone who's watched Steins;Gate, whether with AniClub or not, is welcome to join in the discussion. So, let's start our discussion of one of the best finales in anime!

Since this is the last AniClub meeting for Steins;Gate...GO CRAZY.

So...how'd you feel about the ending? Honestly, my first time watching the series. I didn't like the ending. I thought it was too convenient and some of the things that happened flew over my head. The second time, though, a lot of the holes I thought existed just vanished. It is quite easy to be confused especially when you have a show that uses three types of time travel, each with their own rules and mechanisms.


Let's start with Episode 22...also known as the best episode ever. We see just how much Okarin relied on Kurisu to finish this whole ordeal. Throughout the whole series of events, the only other thing that was constant besides Mayushi's death was Kurisu. This is my favorite romance in all of anime and I think it'd be very hard to top.

Also, that speech he makes before deleting the file from SERN's server is really really great. I also just now figured out what Kurisu was trying to say before he changed world lines. I know, I suck.

And now, we have Episode 23. I think the one thing that was different from his quest to save Mayushi and Kurisu was that saving Mayushi, in the long run, slowly felt like it turned into a duty, an obligation. His attempts at saving Kurisu, on the other hand, even with the background of stopping World War III, was purely selfish. It's pretty great seeing how his personal quest to save Mayushi turned into a massive conspiracy while this looming world war all meant nothing but a chance for him to save Kurisu.

And boy, what an ending we got! It's the culmination of what Okarin is: a mad scientist. Creating the time travel machine to save Kurisu shows that he isn't just playing scientist, he actually has the chops to do it without it being an accident. And that final stab validates what we saw during the past episodes, he'd give anything for Kurisu and Mayushi to live peacefully.


The OVA, besides setting up the movie, doesn't really have much. It's always fun to see Okarin and Kurisu together so it's a nice excuse :P Daru has some great lines too! And that ending is just too sweet. Also, KA-OS AND INVADE!

Anyway, I thought the ending, specially on my second time through, was really strong. Most plot holes that I noticed during the first time were solved and, really, any excuse to see the Steins;Gate gang is a good excuse. The amazing voice performances, especially Okabe's and Kurisu's, really add to the experience. I'd describe Steins;Gate the way I, and many others, described it way back in the old TAYs, a perfect storm.


My writing really isn't up to snuff to give Steins;Gate justice so please go ahead and post your insights down below! It doesn't have to be about this set of episodes, just go crazy about anything Steins;Gate!

Voting will start Friday. However, I'll be putting up a TAYClassic post where you can nominate a series so that it'll be added to the list on the post (which increases its chances of winning). You can still vote for shows that aren't on the list but if you want your choice to have a fighting chance, go nominate it now! The next series will be announced next week. To help lessen the lull, I'll be posting a special AniClub post next week. Will it be the Steins;Gate movie? If you want it to be the Steins;Gate movie just chime in below! Otherwise, I might just have to think of something :P


For everything else, there's always TAYClassic and the TAY IRC.


ps. Sorry for the massive delay.

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