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AniClub: Steins;Gate Edition: Mad Scientist! (Ep. 13 - 15)

Have I made it to the beta world line?

House Rules:

1. Do not discuss past the covered episode in the post. Because people are expected to have already watched the week's episodes, spoiler tags are unnecessary.

2. If you've seen the series beforehand, please don't ruin the fun for others and spoil the story (especially with Steins;Gate!). Discussion of such material is not prohibited but please exercise caution in posting. If you really wish to discuss material further along than what we've watched (which is fun for a series like Steins;Gate because of the time travel mechanic which reveals unexplained stuff in the earlier episodes), please put bountiful and large spoiler warnings. Replies to spoiler-y material should also have spoiler warnings.

3. GIFs are appreciated. Have fun and be nice or whatever!

I've been moving between world lines countless times, trying to be able to post this on its expected time of day. Two days on endless repeat. Is this the choice of Steins;Gate? Has the Organization truly and utterly defeated me? 12pm, March 5, 2014, the date forever etched into my mind. A symbol of my failure as AniClub host. I have foregone this quest for the time being, betting my hopes on forgiveness from the AniClub constituents. Maybe, someday, I can erase this failure from my record, pushing me ever closer to the mythical 1% divergence number.


What do you guys think about these sets of episodes? Moeka looks great in her outfit but Suzuha, with her increased screen time, once again proves that she looks better in anything.

Also, these three, along with last week's three, are the reason why I love Steins;Gate so much. It can deliver smiles and even be lighthearted even in the direst of situations. It's this balance between dread and happiness that makes this show so special. The same is true for my two other favorite animes: Evangelion, and Clannad.

At this point, who still doesn't like Kurisu? The characters, now that we're at the halfway point, are just effortlessly endearing. Though I've been gushing about it for weeks now, the chemistry between Kurisu and Okabe is just so good.

As for the time loop, this is how you do a time loop! It's immensely satisfying whenever progress comes up. It also manages to be clever without being boring, contrived, magical, or wibbly-wobbly.


Go and discuss this week's episodes below! I'll try to be more interactive this session!

Please don't forget to watch the next three episodes of Steins;Gate (16-18) for next week's meeting. Meeting might be postponed to Thursday to give people more time to watch the episodes. I will be posting a reminder on Tuesday!


Random Kurisu pic, just because.

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