I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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AniClub: The Winner

TU TU RUU!~ Inching out a victory over Kokoro Connect with a single vote (8-9), Steins;Gate will be AniClub's new anime of choice! For optimal AniClub satisfaction, watch the first three episodes of Steins;Gate by February 6, Thursday, when the AniClub post comes up. The first AniClub meeting is on a Thursday to give people time to watch the episodes, the next AniClub meetings will be posted on Wednesdays. See you next week, Mad ScienTAYsts!


Steins;Gate is available on the Funimation site and Hulu for free!

ps. For anyone who is willing and can do it, please help indicate what streaming sites offer Steins;Gate. Thank you!

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