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AniCluCluClub! Durarara!! Episodes 4-6!!!

I have seen a lot of Celty in these episodes. Come and share in the glory.

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Ok, so...Celty really is headless! o_o I thought it was some sci-fi stuff (because of the appearance of her doctor companion (Shinra) during the first three episodes). It's a bit disconcerting because you don't usually see a headless character getting a lot of screen time but she's definitely interesting.

Also, apparently, she's a dullahan. Dullahan. Dullahan. Dullalahan. Durrarahan. DURARARA!? Also, did she turn her horse into a motorcycle?

Of course, you don't, my dear Celty.

I love how much Celty there is in the first episode :3


You can't see it here since it isn't animated but it's totally cute how she taps on her phone :3

Anyway, enough headless moe. It's time for the serious speculation part!


Ok, so...Anri's missing stalker friend (Mika Harima).



Someone who looks like her but with deadish looking eyes.

And finally, a head that looks like the "original". I think at this point we are thinking they totally replaced that girl's head with something else. I'm kind of having trouble with the motive, though.


So, we know that she's a stalker and she totally likes this one guy, Seiji (if I interpreted that correctly). Also, guy's sister (Namie) turns out to be an evil looking scientist who does experiments on human (and also the one ordering the abductions). At this point, I'm assuming that she's the one who did the head switcheroo (if there actually was one) and that the whole thing is inspired by Celty/the Dullahan myth. Maybe to attain immortality (due to a dullahan's fast regeneration) or maybe something else entirely. Anyway, she totally seems unlike how she was described by Anri. If her head was changed to alter her attitude, it doesn't make sense. It also seems Seiji is totes in love with him when my first impression was that of the opposite (that's why Harima is a stalker). What happened? Why the sudden obsession? Also, if she was being experimented on by Namie, why is she roaming the streets? Why can't Seiji just phone his sister and ask where Harima is?

Which also brings me back to Celty. Is Harima (or whatever they're doing to her) connected to Celty? Could they be in possession of Celty's original head? Or is this all just "inspired" by the dullahan myth? Moving on...


We also have the Slasher.


Who is also probably this woman who was called Haruna by, who I suppose, was her father


She might also be the biggest Asuka fan ever.

How does she fit in on all this? I'm thinking that she's....again....connected with Celty. What if she was Celty's missing head? Seems unlikely since she looks like she has a family. Which brings me to Kida's girlfriend (which totally came out of the left field).


Are they related? They could be sisters or something. Moving on from the Slasher/Haruna, it seems Kida's girlfriend is also connected to Izaya. I'm really interested to know what's keeping Kida away from her.


And speaking of, Kida is turning out to be my favorite character so far (along with Anri). Mamoru Miyano (Okabe/Light's seiyuu) turns in, as always, a great performance. Can't wait to see more of his story unfold.


Wait, what? I thought they weren't in the dollars? And Kida asked them for stuff about The Dollars when Mikado looked like he wanted to join. Anyway, with them turning out to be part of the group, The Dollars can't be that bad, right? And so far, it seems like Izaya is being pegged as the mastermind behind the group. EDIT: OH AND HOW CAN I FORGET, THEY HAVE "BACCANO" AS THEIR PASSWORD.


That's it from me this week! Feel free to chime in below and share your thoughts and speculations!

Please don't forget to watch episodes 7-9 for next week's meeting!


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