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Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Release Date and Details

Nintendo of America just dropped an info bomb for all of us Animal Crossing and amiibo fans! The inscrutable Animal Crossing amiibo Festival finally has a release date in the United States: November 13, 2015!

The game will be released as an amiibo bundle including the Isabelle and Digby amiibo figures and three AC amiibo cards (Stitches, Goldie, and Rosie) for an MSRP of $59.99.


On the same day, Nov. 13, they will be releasing an amiibo 3-pack containing K.K., Reese, and Cyrus at an MSRP of $34.99. That day will also see the release of the individual Tom Nook and Mabel amiibo at at the standard amiibo MSRP of $12.99.

Finally, the Lottie amiibo will be released individually a little over a week later on November 22, 2015.

In case you want to refresh your memory about what kind of game Animal Crossing amiibo Festival is, exactly, the official page for it now has a good video that shows you plenty of gameplay. Basically, it looks like a very cute, totally inoffensive little digital board game that has simple logic cues and math problems throughout. This looks like a fantastic game for playing with young kids who like (and benefit from) the type of cheery social interactions and basic math presented in the video.

The release information is summarized, along with some cute pics of the products, in the image below.


For my part, my son is still too young to play a game like Animal Crossing amiibo Festival, but I can clearly see how this would be a lot of fun to play with a five to ten year old. While I like and desire the amiibo from Animal Crossing (they’re so cute!), I’m not fully sold on the game as an adult. Then again, I do have a kid so there will be a time where I think this game might be excellent!


Are you excited about this game or the Animal Crossing amiibo?

Update [October 2nd, 2015]

Japanese informational video:

Here are some details about the game that I grabbed from the Japanese informational video:

  1. Touch an amiibo to play as that character in the game.
  2. Touch an amiibo card for a minigame.
  3. Animal Crossing amiibo Festival is a party game.
  4. The game process is basically: touch an amiibo, roll the dice, move to a spot, resolve the spot, touch a different amiibo, roll the dice, etc.
  5. You gain a few different types of points in the game: happiness and bells, and bells convert to happiness at game end.
  6. It has very simple rules.
  7. Every spot has a little Animal Crossing vignette that goes with it to explain why the happiness or bells go up.
  8. It has seasons depending on the month, and the events that occur at the spots depend on the season—for example in the spring time, you may join some other characters at a flower festival.
  9. There will also be random events throughout the game that an AC villager shows up to initiate.
  10. You actually level up your amiibo as you play the game, and can earn costumes and vanity items for your amiibo’s in-game avatar.
  11. As you accrue happiness, you’ll get happy tickets that have a variety of uses.
  12. There are a number of mini-games from amiibo cards, such as a quiz game about Animal Crossing, whack-a-mole, etc.
  13. You can use happy tickets to buy items and buildings in the world, e.g. a lighthouse or a playground set. You can then place them around the board.
  14. These buildings can open new routes on the game board, and the characters will engage in activities involving the buildings as they move by them on the game board, e.g. playing in the playground together.
  15. It’s being released as a bundle with two amiibo (Isabelle and Digby) and three specific amiibo cards (this is the same as the US release).

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