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Animal Crossing Is Perpetrating A Hoax

It’s still winter, last I checked. In fact, we’ve got two more months of it left. Depending on where you live, there’s snow on the ground. Frosty breaths may be the norm. So why, then, are these trees in Animal Crossing’s universe trying to act like it isn’t really freaking cold outside?

I’ve still been playing Pocket Camp, Animal Crossing’s mobile game outing that, despite its vast changes over the past year, still isn’t all that awesome. The question of why I refuse to stop is a complicated answer and examination of my life choices that is not the discussion to be had today. Instead, let’s talk about why Pocket Camp’s trees have turned from an appropriately sickly yellow back on the Winter Solstice:

Look at them in the background (not the pine trees, you goofs!)

To greener foliage late last week, just shy of a month later:

The obvious answer is that spring is coming. Soon, Pocket Camp’s passage of time will technically join ours, and spring will be in full-bloom. But Animal Crossing follows a perfect, made-up world where the seasons behave according to clockwork schedules. There’s no nuance. Sometimes in the real world, snow still has a chance to fall in April. In Animal Crossing, April showers brings May flowers (actually, flowers remain year round in Animal Crossing. They’re rather resilient to be growing through the snow when all of my real plants look like they’re bereft of life outdoors).

And so, what’s really happening is that I smell sorcery, and it’s not just that peaches (and other fruit such as oranges and cherries) are growing in the dead of winter—with snow covering their branches, no less. Something that’s true of the series, anyway.


This life simulator game and its sugar-coated reality is rushing life’s details. Pushing me to be envious of a better way of living than what is actually happening out here. That’s always been the case.


Here’s the truth: it’s actually cold out here, Animal Crossing. We’re in deep winter. Global Warming means we’ve been living (and are living in) a nightmare scenario on top of it. You are telling me that spring is just around the corner—with your green-ish trees while mine are bare, without leaves and as “dead” as ever. And if you say spring is soon, I’m hopeful that the real world reprieve is soon, too—and by that I mean, what you’re really doing is ushering that urgency to ask the annoyingly persistent question that’s been on so many minds:

Animal Crossing on Switch, when?

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