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Animal Crossing: Show Me Your Town Tunes!

Hello everyone! Today I want to hear your town tunes! let's get started shall we?

I'll go first, my town tune is currently the piano section of 'Starlight' by Muse, but it's very likely to change, I can never make my mind up when it comes to choosing songs. Here's how I did it:


Sorry for the bad quality, I used my phone to take this picture.

Feel free to tell us what your Town Tune is, and if you can, share an image of how you did it so if anyone likes it(read:me), they can use it. :P

EDIT: Also feel free to use this site to make your tunes and link them so everyone can hear them, some of us might not recognise your songs from just names and screenshots, I know I don't!

Just make your song and then save it, a link to your song should be made below it, like this. :D

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