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Animal Crossing: TAY Party and Some Tips

Before you get all offended that we didn't invite you I want you to know it's just because we hate you... a lot.

I'm kidding! It was a very impromptu meeting of the TAY Gods. In the picture to the left you can see us in all our glory! From left to right it's: Zarnyx, FrogFro, Me (GBD) and TheUnfathomableTruth. We ran amuck, smacking each with nets and shovels (which is apparently a form of tag).


Anywho, here are a few tips for beginners who are starting to live the Cross life.

1. Money Rocks

Every day you can find one rock that will churn out a butt load of bells. The key is to just keep whacking it with your shovel until it doesn't yield anymore goodies. This can be hard because each swing knocks you back away from the rock. The key is to dig a hole behind and to the side of you that will force you to stay in one spot. This way you can get the most out of your money rock, which is about 9,000 bells! There is also a rock that can be destroyed when hit that turns into a valuable rock type item you can sell. Examples are gold, silver or sapphire.

2. Selling Stuff

Always sell to the Re-Tail shop and not Mini Nooks House of Lies. Re-Tail will give you more!


3. Foreign Fruits

If you mange to come across some fruit that doesn't normally grow in your town (I got apples. Lame.) you can sell them for a pretty penny. They usually go for five times the normal amount (500 vs 100 bells). But don't sell them! Plant them. Make them in to trees and THEN sell that fruit. Or make more trees! The more variety you have the better. You'll be making tons o' cash in no time.


4. Tree Shake Down

Shake your trees often. Many times you'll find coins that fall to ground and even furniture at points. Sometimes you'll encounter a swarm of angry bees who will chase after you. Run a ways away and go to your item select screen. Equip your net and prepare yourself. If you time it right you can catch those nasty bees, but you have to swing just at the right distance. The bee you catch goes for 2,500 bells and can also be donated to your museum.


5. Time Manipulators

SOMEONE on the TAY has already cheated by changing their clock/calander to get a house and items you can't get on day one. Don't be like that person. They know who they are. *shakes fist*


There's quite a bit more to tell, but that's enough for now. E3 starts tomorrow and I'm freaking out! Have fun you crazy TAY folks. Viva la Animal Crossing!

EDIT: Aaaaaand it appears a real Kotaku journalist already covered this. Oh well.


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