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Animal Crossing: The soundtrack to your life!

I sometimes like to just chill out, and this nifty website allows you to do so to the animal crossing series soundtracks, which loops for the hour, and changes every hour just like in the games.

"But we already know about this! It's OLD!" Is what some of you might say, but I just noticed down on the bottom left of the site you can now have it play the music from New Leaf. The link I provided above already takes you to the New Leaf version, so down in the bottom you can chose the Original soundtrack, or the Wild World/City Folk tunes.


If you haven't checked out the site it's pretty nice.

Animal Crossing definitely has a very relaxing soundtrack, now I'm going to get back to work wishing it was June 9th.(I linked to a Kotaku post, just like they do, look how professional I try to be!)

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