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Animation Infiltration: Beet up the Beet

Well now, what do we have here? Why it's the kind of weekly series about finding video games within cartoons. Two perfect mediums working together.

Since Poco decided to accurately guess my next pick I'm going to switch it up and pick another favorite. I'm not much for Family Guy or The Cleveland Show, but there is ONE Seth MacFarlane show I do enjoy quite a bit.


Show: American Dad

Episode: Stan Time (February 2009)

Game: Beetman

Gameplay Breakdown: Unfortunately I couldn't find a good video of Beetman in action, but it's pretty much Super Mario Bros meets Dig Dug. Using your mighty garden hoe you must bash enemies and cultivate the ground. Baddies include rodents and... zombies. Wait, what? The multiplayer is kind of Smash Bros-like as it is a beet vs beet situation. When Stan acquires pills that let him go without sleep he does what anyone would do in that situation - he plays video games nonstop. He even manages to win the Eastern Regional Beetman Championships!

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