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Animation Infiltration: THRILLHO

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The Simpsons have been around a long long time. Why they're slightly older than I am! ALong the way there have been many Simpsons video games and many video games featured on the show. There's one in-show game that always stands out to me. The one I always shout about around Xmas time.

Illustration for article titled Animation Infiltration: THRILLHO

Show: The Simpsons

Episode: Marge Be Not Proud (December 17, 1995)

Game: Bonestorm

Gameplay Breakdown: Bonestorm is basically Mortal Kombat if Mortal Kombat only stared different forms of Goro. The tagline for Bonestorm is definitely a selling point. As you can see above, Extreme Santa wants you to relay this message to your parents - "BUY ME BONESTORM OR GO TO HELL!" Of course this doesn't go over well with Marge and Bart ends up stealing a copy to satisfy his Bonestrom-lust. That luck Milhouse manages to get a copy though...

Now, go tell your parent to buy you Bonestorm. It's sadly all rented out at The Android Dungeon.

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