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Today we'll recap my final leg of the 2013 Anime Review marathon. In addition to a recap and list of this month's reviews, I'll be giving out the "awards" for the biggest winner, the biggest loser, and the dark horse for the month of December.

First off, for those of you just joining us on the review bonanza, this is my Anime Marathon 2013. Up until this point I've dedicated myself to watching anime after anime to catch back up after I stopped watching it back in 2008. Instead of just watching it, I've been reviewing them as I go.


I'm keeping this short since there will a bigger awards article in just a couple of days. Let's just jump right in.

November Reviews (in case you missed them):

December Reviews:


The Awards:

The Biggest Winner: Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Say what you want about how I have strange taste, but Arpeggio of Blue Steel is heading home with the top spot this month. For all its animation quirks, there was some great stuff in this series. It had the plot, the themes, the characters, it really had it all. It had an incredibly strong 12-episode run that just held up better than any of the competition.


Well done Sanzigen.

The Biggest Loser: Tied - Infinite Stratos 2 and Gundam Seed Destiny

For how nice I was to Gundam SEED Destiny in the review, the fact of the matter is that it doesn't stand up very well in comparison to the other series this month. On the other hand, I wasn't nice to Infinite Stratos 2 at all; it had a distinct lack of action and too many harem antics episodes without any plot development whatsoever.


I think both are pretty evenly tied in this category in terms of overall disappointment.

The Dark Horse: White Album 2

White Album 2 came out of nowhere this month, especially after the lackluster White Album before it. It is a damn fine romantic drama anime coming out of the Fall season that I haven't seen mentioned nearly enough. I cannot gush about this show enough in this explanation paragraph. If you take away anything from this recap, it's that White Album 2 is a must-watch if you have any wish to see a romantic drama series.


Closing Thoughts:

Other series that came in close for the "Winner" were White Album 2 and Valvrave the Liberator, but I decided that Arpeggio had a lot more awesome packed into it. It was an especially tough choice between White Album 2 and Arpeggio. Someone had to win though.


The "Loser" category had some competition this month: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, White Album, and Infinite Stratos 2 all were underwhelming at the end of the day. I eventually decided that at least White Album had some deep characters to work with, so the other two had to share the pain.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse and White Album 2 were big contenders for the Dark Horse section. Total Eclipse also came out of nowhere early this month and surprised me with a strong plot and some strong character development too. At the time of that review, I all but guaranteed that Total Eclipse was going to win the Dark Horse this month. I had no idea that White Album 2 was going to be one of the strongest anime of the fall season though. It had everything that it needed to take this award in style.


As for my big article this month, I did a cop-out and adapted my final project for Human Geography at University for TAY. It briefly examined some of the cultural diffusion that has occurred between Japan and the United States.


As I always say, you can see all of my articles on Dex's Corner and you can see the entirety of the 2013 review marathon under the "Anime Marathon 2013" tag.

This is the last article of 2013 from me guys. Thanks for the amazing marathon and all the great comments. You guys have made it all worth it.


I'll see you next year!

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