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Normally, I pick up a manga after being exposed to the anime. However, on rare occasion, there are times where I pick up a manga before there are any adaptation.


The last one that I picked up before an anime even came about was The World God Only Knows (still haven't seen the anime, and I probably never will). Recently, out of the blue (and procrastinating from studying for the GRE) I decided to give My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san.

What It's About

The story follows Aoshima Hitoshi, an unpopular sophomore high school student, who dreams of having a girlfriend. However, one day, he wakes up 10 years into the future and find himself married to the school idol, Wagatsuma Ai. Before Hitoshi can figure out what happens, he find himself back in the present. What did he do to win the heart of Wagatsuma Ai?

Why I Like It

The manga is downright funny and a well done slice of life.

In fact, you can't go a chapter without puns, references to otaku culture and an insane amount of references to Japanese comedians/drama actors. Thankfully, the writer and translator are nice enough to provide/translate the notes. Many of the jokes can be understood despite not understanding all the references.


Also, for a manga that revolves around perverted and unpopular characters, there isn't a whole lot of fanservice. The jokes are often well delivered and well timed.

Fun fact -The name Wagatsuma, itself is a pun for my waifu (according to internet commentators, can't confirm, my Japanese is none existent).


The art, it's ridiculous, sometimes the manga looks like generic in style but quickly switch gears into highly detail expression to deliver maximum impact for the joke.

Many of the characters are well written and consistent. You know who each are, what they're all about, and what to expect from them but at the same time, they can still surprise you. Because the characters are well defined, you can get a good sense of the main cast daily life at school. In order words, the characters feel natural and the chemistry just flows.


Where Can You Read It?

Crunchyroll. You can read the latest chapter for free.

If you want to read the older chapters, you can subscribe (monthly fee) or search the internet. ::innocent whistle::

My Wife is Wagatsuma-san is written by Yuu Kuraishi and published by Kodansha.

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