I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Space Dandy. Bet a number of you are cringing right now. Still, please do stay because I'm not going to touch on Dandy's character much (because the show's already named Space Dandy, not Space Emo or Space White Knight), though I do encourage you to post your thoughts to fill the void. What I'm going to discuss is the awesome potential that the series has. [Spoilers abound]

So...what could this show actually be about? Is it nothing but T&A? Fan service? Meow being cute? A deconstruction of the episodic nature of the comedy genre? A heartwarming story about ramen?


What if it's actually about parallel worlds?

Ever since the end of the first episode, people have been asking how the series could go on. Then the second episode arrived and it's as if the first episode never happened. Even the preview for the second episode made fun of the fact. Also, in one episodes he prefers the backside while in the other he prefers the mammary glands. Hmm.

And what the heck could Dandy have that would make him the key to conquering the universe when he's useless? Oh, he does have the awesome mecha that looks like a Medabot, though. How did he get that and why didn't he use it during the first episode!?

And what is up with that awesome ED song? Clearly hints towards parallel worlds to me.


So, how could this happen? This is what I'd like us to discuss. Personally, I think the "split" happened when they grabbed the cosmic string during the first episode. It could also be something that Dandy could do naturally which explains the Gogol Empire's fixation on him.

Furthermore, what happens after? Once this or some other theory gets confirmed later on, how will it affect the show? How will all the different "universes" affect each other? I hope it results into a bunch of Meows pawing at holograms.

Please share your thoughts below! Viva Namida!

Viva TAYClassic! Viva IRC!

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