I'm really feeling it!

ANITAYBLIP: Important announcement! Final AniClub meeting for Steins;Gate incoming! Prepare your tissues! Everyone who's watched Steins;Gate (even if not with AniClub) is invited for this one! Please don't forget to watch episodes 22-25. Please see comments for links on where to watch it. Episode 25 is the OVA. The end of the series is episode 24. I'll be delaying it a bit to give people who didn't know episode 25 existed to watch it (see comments section for links). You can also visit the past AniClub posts to catch up.

The only legal site I found with episode 25 is the Funimation website. Unfortunately, you need to sign-up for the membership trial to watch it. If anyone else has a way of watching it, please do share.

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