I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey there TAYers! I know I haven’t been that active here since last year’s SixTAY Days of Writing, but I have some news on… well, the next SixTAY Days of Writing! Namely, it’s happening! Furthermore, I’d be happy to have it happen every year for the rest of all time, as long as people still participate!


The general structure of the event will be more or less the same: From June 1st to July 30th, participants are encouraged to write (or create other forms of content such as videos, podcasts, fanart, etc.) as much as they can for TAY. It’s fine if you can’t do the full 60 days; 20 posts when you usually do eight — or none at all — is still a huge accomplishment! And of course, everyone will know that you had one day to make the post, so don’t worry about it not being your best or longest work.

Other than the rules present for every post on TAY, everything else is merely a suggestion. I want this event to be open and accommodating for as many people as possible. However, I have some ideas that I’d love people’s feedback on:

  • The name? Anyone have a better idea for it? So far, I’m just planning on calling it “SixTAY Days of Writing 2019,” but please let me know if you have any more clever ideas! Should we change “writing” to “posts” or “content” to encourage different forms of participation, or is it fine as it is?
  • Theme weeks? Sometimes on TAY we’ll have a theme week (or month sometimes lol) where we’ll all write about a common topic. It could be fun to host one or two during the event, but I get that it might get a little hectic, not to mention how Narelle Ho Sang usually hosts those and I wouldn’t want to just do my own without permission, or pile even more work on her. It’ll likely take some more communication, but I thought I’d throw the idea out there and see how people respond to it.
  • Podcast? TAY actually has its own podcast, but the last episode was for E3 2017. I’d love to start it back up again, if only for the length of the event, and appearing on an episode would count as one post. Would anyone be interested in that?
  • YouTube? Similarly, TAY has its own YouTube channel, but the last upload was around the same time as the podcast. They wouldn’t have to be collaborative, but it could be a nice platform for those wanting to make videos reaching an audience of 401 subscribers. Of course, you can still make videos for your own channel, which you can share to TAY as a post.
  • Anything else? Really, if you have an idea, I’ll listen, and we can hopefully come up with something that we all can agree on.

Now would be an excellent time for anybody with questions, comments or concerns to voice them in the comments below. If enough people agree that something should be added or changed, or if just one or two people make a really compelling case for it, I’m all for it. If possible, I’d love SixTAY Days of Writing to be an evolving, collaborative event that everyone looks forward to each year, even if they themselves don’t participate in making content for it.

Also, let me know if you’re thinking about either participating again, or for the first time! There’s no prerequisite for participating, and it’s pretty far off now, so don’t worry about anyone tracking you down to ask you why you didn’t end up participating if you say you’re going to here. It’s really just making sure that there’s still interest.


Good luck, everyone! See you in five months!

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