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Anonymity and Octopath Traveler

There’s a connection...a thematic connection! Sort of.

What a cast huh?
Screenshot: IGN

So a while back I wrote a post to try and get people to remember and practice empathy because I felt that it was important to remember that the author of the text you’re reading is another living, breathing human being.


It was never going to change the world, trolls will continue being trolls and jerks will be jerks, but hopefully at least someone read it and thought “hey, maybe I shouldn’t jump down someone’s throat just because they have a different opinion than mine.”

One of the points brought up in the comments (and is, y’know, general knowledge about the internet) is that anonymity lets people think they can get away with bad behavior. It’s unfortunate that people think that being anonymous means they can be assholes - they wouldn’t treat their mothers or fathers the way they treat internet strangers, so why not extend that same respect to other people? As someone pointed out, some people just plain lack empathy, but not every asshole lacks empathy, they just lack everything else.

Anonymity on the internet can be a great thing though! It means we’re a bit more free to be who we want to be (within reasonable limits and without hurting other people); for example, no one’s locked to their real life gender or age, and we can have a custom avatar to represent ourselves (such as having an avatar of a 17 year old teenager that supposedly believes in faeries but not actually, she was just trying to find a schtick or something to be unique, Kiznaiver is weird guys).

We are free to be who we want to be, free to choose who to be...like in Octopath Traveler!


Alright, terrible segue aside, I’m ripping a page out of DisturbedShadow’s playbook and asking YOU, dear readers, to help me decide who to play as in the Octopath Traveller demo. Apparently there’s a 3 hour time limit for the save file (of which you only get 1), so unless I do shenanigans and keep making new save files, I’ll only have the chance to play through the prologues of one or two characters.

I’ll list them out, give a brief bit of flavorful opinion on them, and let you readers make the decision.


Name: Primrose Azelhart
Occupation: Dancer (lets you recruit certain NPCs for battle)


Notes: she was in the original demo, went through her story and it became more engaging as it went on! Her tale of revenge was intriguing enough that I wanted to know more - I wonder if the new demo goes further? I could also see what new differences were implemented.


Name: Olberic Eisenberg

Occupation: Warrior

Notes: he was also in the demo! His ability lets you challenge people to a one-on-one duel. The NPCs in town were pretty strong though. He’s a good guy, and his story was...fine? It was fine.


Name: H’aanit

Occupation: Hunter

Notes: she’s looking for her old master who went away...a few years ago. I like the pelt she’s sporting. I don’t know much about her ability but she seems cool to play as!


Name: Alfyn Greengrass

Occupation: Apothecary

Notes: he goes around healing people because he was healed as a boy by an apothecary. Hmm...sounds like my type of guy! The pay it forward type of guy.


Name: Therion

Occupation: Thief

Notes: apparently tales of his wrongdoings have spread across the land and strike terror into the hearts of the people. Yikes. However, if FF6 and FF9 taught me anything, it’s that thieves tend to have a heart of gold. Also a tragic backstory.


Name: Cyrus

Occupation: Scholar

Notes: he has a huge thirst for knowledge and he notices that one of the books in the library is missing, so he goes on a journey to find it. Wow. What a nerd. I do like nerds though (shockingly, I am one myself). Books are pretty important too, especially if they float, talk with an accent and allow you to cast magic spells.

Image: Octopath Traveler Wiki

Name: Ophilia

Occupation: Cleric

Notes: she’s a white mage, which is great because I love playing healing classes in RPGs. Also, that cloak? Dang that’s good fashion. I could see myself enjoying her story (whatever it is).


Name: Tressa Colozone

Occupation: Merchant

Notes: alright, let’s talk a bit of her appearance - first, that hat with the feather? Awesome. Those bangs? Typical but cool. Cute vest. Backpack looks functional. Most importantly? She’s a merchant. Capitalism ho, anyone?


So who should I play as first and, if I still have time left, who should I play as second? Let me know in the comments! I’ll do a write up of it later on. Plus, what’s your opinion on Octopath Traveler?

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