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Another Destiny Clan Option

My posts have been disappearing, or stuck in some weird 'maybe my internet is broken today' limbo, but I will give this another shot, and hope for the best.

I've heard about TAY doing a Destiny clan, but my heart had already been reserved for another before that, so I thought I'd share that other option for people deciding on a clan. A fun Destiny extension to a light-hearted-named Payday 2 group that only disposes bodies in the best, cleanest way possible.

What is this Team Orphan Meat? Why only a group of individuals that desire the highest challenge possible, and bring upon the world the greatest violence possible. Well it doesn't have to be, but the name implies you're not afraid to do some dark stuff.


Join up with us, and lets create an entire planet littered with alien orphans EVERYWHERE, because hey we don't know who these creatures are, so no empathy is required. So spend some time with us, even add some alcohol in if it doesn't damage your motor skills too much, but if it does I hear Mountain Dew is somehow the drink of us gamer people. If it helps, some 80s music and AC/DC can be provided during moments of glory in the game.

Already committed to another clan, or just don't want to be in one, that is cool. Anyone feel free to add me on PSN, my name is Rathorial there too, cause I'm consistent. Enjoy the co-op blood...erm laser-shed, cause sci-fi.

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