Another horror review. Yay! Psycho Sleepoverer comes from the same people who gave us Yeti: A Gay Love Story.

Giving us amazing characters like "Sex Piss" and "unnamed gay Yeti." Yeti is the type of film that has to be experienced first hand. The story might be sort of dumb and the show was shot on video, but it's super amazing. Well edited, funny dialogue(when you can hear it) and special effects for all the deaths. It's hard to imagine it was made for a whopping $200. Well actually it isn't, it kind of looks like piss.

But it's amazing nonetheless. An actual fun movie. I mean could you imagine?

Troma bought the film, yes that Troma, and the crew behind Yeti made Psycho Sleepover starring the girl who played the killer boy from Sleepaway Camp.


Set in the town of Murderton...nevermind here watch another trailer

The inmates have literally broken out of the asylum! Sex, violence, Doobie Brothers, murder pizza-this movie has it all.


For the love of all that is good in the world watch Psycho Sleepover. A girl gets stabbed in the head and her boyfriend tells her to walk it off. Like 4 scenes later Debbie asks her what happened and she said she put ice on it.

Ice solves everything. Motherfucking ice.