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A shout in the distance, loud and warm, hearkens to all those who wish to bear witness, creating a gentle breeze. The wind blows through the tranquil setting, gently moving the grass, flowing through the trees, and gliding upon the lake. The breeze caresses a nearby bush, then leaves, as though it had never been. A sudden rustle in the bushes; leaves and petals shuddering, some raining down to the ground. A head slowly pokes out from the shrubbery in a daze of awe and joy. Eyes full of wonderment, and a smile jubilant and joyful, a person steps out of the bush, brushing off twigs and leaves from their dormant nap. Another voice bellows on the horizon. Another bush tremors, and another person exposes themselves to the wilds. One looks to the other, and the other does the same; eyes locked onto each other. What was once a serene setting will now become a battlefield. Finally, one lets loose a cry —

PS4 haz no exclusievs!

Rage-filled and ready to pounce, the other shouts back —

XBONE 720p nub!

And so begins another contest with no meaning, no bearing in life, and one fought where people can feel good about themselves until they see another positive comment about something they, for no reason whatsoever, hate. It has been fought since the dawn of the modern internet, a battle between stupidity and idiocy where nobody wins and everybody loses.


It's yet another Console War being waged among the public. And it will, forever, be the truest form of the Any-Gen Zero.

The Next Generation is supposed to be fun and exhilarating! We get to hear, and learn about how new things are being brought to the gaming table. Then once enough time goes by, we get to see, and sometimes play (at expos and such), the newest games and witness how improved these titles are compared to their predecessor. New information gets unveiled as time continues to pass, some of it ok, some of it fantastic!

But then, the internet.

Usually, the internet is a fun place to be, if you are using it correctly, and spell sites in the address bar correctly (one time I didn't to put the 'y' on 'youtube'). However, since, in my experience, the announcement of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, the internet becomes a vile place where people, who think they are more important than they really are, must hate, and bash unmerciful, something that another person is a fan of. It matters not, to this degenerate, what the other's reasons are for liking the console they chose, as they simply cannot live and let live.


It matters not what side people set on, Sony or Microsoft, as both parties have people in their ranks with nothing better to do in their lives than waste time talking about how much better the console/games/peripherals are. They are fans to just for the sake of being fans, as if that means something. This is comparable to how people are Republican or Democrat just for the sake of being in the party, no matter which party is right on a governmental issue, except most of them hate games, and gamers, equally.

Here are some testimonials from fanboys and fangirls alike —

I propose a toast...To the death of Xbox One!

Hahahaha is this a joke? Fuck that. Cease fire from this bias website promoting the poostation and always badmouthing the THE ONE

and I don't know what n and why are

Wow, tons of xbox fankids, u kids should stick with xbox, and leave the more powerful PlayStation to the adults and real gamers, sony has always made superior consoles. Happy RLOD!


...Truly the philosophers of our time.

Also, poor Nintendo, as it gets hate from both sides, from people who most likely can't fathom people liking anything than generic shooters. But, since Nintendo is neither Sony, nor Microsoft, it will be hated, it will be ridiculed but, in the end, Nintendo products are fun.


And that's what should matter. It should never matter about what side of the fence we are on. The only thing that should matter is the gaming, the friends, and the fun. That's what gaming is about, and that's the community I'm glad to be a part of.

So game on, my friends. Be excellent to each other, because some games, and lives, are too short to be hateful to one another. Leave the fighting to the companies. Let us reap the rewards of their labor.


Do you need more McFist in your life? I know I do. My house is made of mirrors — I can't get enough of me! Anyway, you can find me on twitter: @GeneralChase. Together we can battle time itself ... with, like, watches, and timers, and such. Ooo! Calenders!

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