I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Any Other PS4ers Out There Playing The Destiny Beta Tonight?

I'm patiently awaiting the end of my work day to hurry the hell up so I can go home and play some of the Destiny beta, I haven't really seen much of the game yet, but what I have seen has me hyped. I know the PS4 population isn't HUGE, but I'm not going to be playing this thing on the PS3, so I was wondering who else was picking this up. I've heard you can form clans and run around with friends, so I figured we could set one up for TAY! I don't know if there's cross platform play, or if the servers are walled off between consoles (this seems likely) so I'm putting the call out for anybody out there who wants to join a PS4 Destiny TAY clan, let's dream one up! I'm pretty sure we're able to come up with our own name and clan motto too! Hopefully even an emblem of sorts.


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