I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Anyone Interested in a Hearthstone Tourney? 25 Spaces left!

Come one, come all! Don’t worry if you’re not too great at this game, just come join, and have fun!

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It will be elimination style, with the winner getting...... nothing, except the glory and admiration that comes with the victory!


So if you wish to take part, just inform me here, and I shall add you to the list. After there have been enough people to start, I’ll inform you of your opponents, and I shall leave it to you to decide the time of your match, which should be spectated by another person, and/or streamed.

I’m terribly sorry, but this tournament is only for the Americas server, so if you play anywhere else, like Europe, I might have another separate tourney soon!


Please enter using this template:

Battle.net Tag : 00Gundam#6109

TAY Name : Ascendant - Izanagi

Length of play in HS : About 3-4 months

Highest Rank held in Ranked : 14

Main Class Used : Mage / Warlock

Total Hero Levels : 195 (as of submission)

General Area where You live : (helps me match people) SEA

Preferences of opponent : N/A

And that’s it! I will of course be taking part as well, though don’t worry, I suck a LOT.


I look forward to playing against you guys in the near future! BE THE HERO OF TAY!

Current entries:

1. Ascendant - Izanagi

2. ChaoticLusts

3. Ishamael

4. Stranger

5. Friendly neighborhood_Dude

6. Solax

7. pocoGRANDES

First Round Match-ups!

Ishamael ( Moridin#1903 - Rank 8) vs Solax ( Solax#1395 - Rank 7)

ChaoticLusts ( ChaoticLusts#1477 - Rank 8) vs Winner from the bracket above

pocoGRANDES ( pocoGRANDES#1540 - Rank 16) vs Stranger ( Vanryth#1229 - Rank 14)

The games will be best of 5 or best of 3, based on your own preference. You may also ask for a random rule, pick from numbers 1 to 10, and reply to me. Random Rules include card exclusions, forced additions, and maybe even forcing a start at 3 mana. It’s like a player controlled tavern brawl, so if you want, just try!

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