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Anyone Need a Charmander?

You know when you have that thought, “A black Charizard?! I MUST HAVE IT!!!! No. That’s just me. Ok, well feel free to ignore the rest of this post then. But for those of you who know what I mean, here is a tale about a long and fruitless (as of right now) plight at getting a shiny Charmander.


Now some of you might be thinking, “What is a shiny Charmander?” and to you I would say, “Do you live under a rock?”

Shiny Pokemon have been around for a long time now, and it is no surprise people go way out of the way to get them. There is only a 1 in 8,000 or so chance of encountering one, so they are about as rare as you can get. And no I am not crazy, I am not going to breed 8,000 Charmanders in hope of getting a shiny. There are methods to make the odds more favorable.

I’m sure glad I have 24 boxes.

The first method is chaining. The method is exactly like it sounds, you chain running into the same Pokemon over and over again until you reach 40 in a row. Then your odds of getting a shiny are very good.


This is not my chosen method for two reasons. The first, you can’t run into wild Charmander. The second, I totally suck at being able to distinguish acceptable patterns of shaking bushes from non-acceptable patters of shaking bushes.

The method uses the Poke Radar to help you determine which bush to walk into to get a certain Pokemon. But it is far more complicated than that, and I don’t know that much about it. So if you want more info, just google it.

Another box full

The method I am using is the simpler method, allbeit more time consuming. I am breeding Charmander using a Charmander and a Ditto. But if I was using just a normal Charmander and Ditto, my odds would not be good. That is why I researched and found something called the Matsuda Method.


This method is basically just breeding. But it requires you to have two Pokemon from different regions. By breeding with a Pokemon outside of your game’s region, the odds of getting a shiny are cut in half. But the Matsuda Method takes it a step further. If you get two Pokemon from different regions that are not the same as the game you own, the odds are cut in half twice.

So I now have a Korean Charmander and a Japanese Ditto going at it like rabbits in the hopes that my new odds (around 1 in 2000, but tested in the new generation of games Y, X, OR, AS as about 1-600) are much better. But as you can clearly see, I still have a ways to go.

It is starting to get a little sad

I have bred somewhere a little over 200 Charmander at this point. Those boxes up above don’t even count the 60 or so I have traded away in Wonder Trades just to get some different Pokemon. I have been at this for just over a week now, and I hope to have my shiny Charmander by the end of the month. Then it is time to use my German Squirtle and start all over!


Axel, you might say, why would you subject yourself to this? These shiny Pokemon must be something else. Do they have better stats? Are they just really strong?


They are no different, stats-wise, to regular Pokemon. They are no stronger. They have but one difference, and it is solely for aesthetics. The Pokemon are a different color than their normal counterparts. For Charmander, it is just a brighter orange, then when it evolves into Charizard it turns black. Which is awesome. Don’t judge me.

An example of a shiny Marowak

Yes, it is all about having a different colored Charizard. That is what my feeble attempt is for. That Marowak was traded to me by my friend Phil, because he thought it looked funny and didn’t want it. What a noob.

But the question atop this post still stands. I have over 170 Charmander sitting in boxes. Do you need one for your X, Y, OR or AS game? If you do let me know. My friend code should be on the TAY list. Hit me up and you can have a level 1 Charmander that knows Growl, Flare Blitz, Dragon Pulse and Dragon Dance. Thanks random Korean guy for that!


This all came about because I had to go to Game Stop and get myself a sweet, sweet Mew. Now I am addicted again.

Speaking of which, I have an extra Mew code if anyone wants to trade me a cool Pokemon for it. Let me know.

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