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Anyone Up For A Roundtable?

Hi. I love writing about games. But you know what I love more?

Talking about them with other people.

You may have heard of a roundtable discussion before. Basically, a small group—usually four people or so—get together to talk about a subject. In this context, we could get several people together, have them chat about a game, then we could post the transcript on that conversation, which other people could then read and comment on.


I recently beat Shadow Warrior, for instance, and it was amazing. Saints Row IV blew my miiiind with the best romance in gaming history. One time I played a game called Minecraft and didn't like it very much. There are a ton of games to talk about, to explore and share.

So... anyone up for some roundtable discussions? We can get together in a skype chat session (not a call, but a text chat), discuss the games, and I can work it up into a thing and post it. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, and it's a co-op game, we could jump in, spend a bit of quality time with it, and talk about that, too.

If you're up for it, what games would you like to discuss?

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