I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled Anyone want to watch a Twitch broadcast with me as broadcaster?

Going on PS4 right now to continue the Twitch.TV broadcast I began yesterday night. It's Knack on MAXIMUM difficulty. I give game playing tips and cute one liners as I play that may make you go, "Ha!" Or maybe even, "hoo!" Possibly, "I can't believe he went there!" Or, it may all just make you bored. One person did tell me I make, "the strangest noises ever" when I get frustrated ... so there's that.

The game isn't that hard and if you understand it it becomes relatively easy. Which is why I'm playing it on MAXIMUM difficulty. To be a mentor to all the Knack virgins out there. I'm only on level 2-2 in this playthrough so if you get in now, you'll get in close to the beginning. Anyway, I'm going to play — hope to see you on Twitch (if you are there, let me know you came from Kotaku)!


Here's the link to my livestream:


Enjoy (and don't make fun of me — no making fun of the host is allowed!)!

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