This is kind of a surprise! Sony is releasing a new Aqua Blue PS Vita in America on November 6, 2015!

GameStop exclusive. (sigh)

While Japan gets a seemingly endless stream of uniquely colored PS Vita models (have you seen the Persona 4 Dancing All Night one? Sah-weeeet!), and even has multiple colors available standard for the platform, the U.S. has pretty much had Black, Black Version 2 and White in a bundle with AC Liberation.

Well no longer are Americans stuck seeing in black and white... Now there is another choice... Aqua Blue!

(Of course, since I have the camo green God Eater 2 Vita from Japan, I’ll be skipping this one but, you know.)


Now who dared to call the PS Vita a “legacy” system, huh? Would a “legacy” system have such a sweet, colorful version of itself release at this point? Would it? Huh? Oh, that’s who said it was a “legacy” system? Yikes!

Legacy Blue PS Vita, coming to a GameStop near you this November!

Source: PlayStation Blog