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Arcadio Podcast Episode 26: 20 Years of Pokemon, Legends of Tomorrow and Thank you TAY

CW’s The Legends of Tomorrow

On this week’s episode of Arcadio my co-host Matt schools me in Pokemon, we talk about The CW and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, and I say thank you to the TAY (poorly, stumbling over my words) community and share a touching story from the comments on my article When Video Games Honor The Dead.

I said this earlier in on one of my comments to Arnyx (looks like the Z was dropped) but I want to extend another shout out for giving me Authorship and introducing me to all you fine folks here on TAY. Thank you guys!


**Full spoilers for the most recent episodes of Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. As always this episode is unfiltered, you’ve been warned

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