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Nintendo of America announced earlier today that they’re renovating their Nintendo World Store in NYC and changing the name to Nintendo: NY. Hinting at the possibility that there may be more Nintendo: [Insert Location] stores coming in the near future.

The NY branch of the store will receive a much deserved makeover and will close its doors to the public for a whole month starting on January 19. Renovations include a 15-feet screen, new demo kiosks and a huge coin right at the entrance of the store.


What makes this whole affair interesting is the fact that they’re changing the name of the store. Under Nintendo’s current direction, the one set in motion by the late Iwata, the expansion of the brand into new ventures is their number one priority. From mobile games to theme parks and the new Nintendo Account; the company’s purpose is to reach out for new audiences in areas that they were not able to before, and the possibility of branching out their retail stores fits into the new business strategy.

Honestly, I hope this change will spur new stores in different locations across the US, from LA to NY, and maybe a Nintendo: Orlando to partner up with the upcoming Nintendo-themed area of Universal Studios. If this happens, I won’t have to travel to NYC to gawk at their shirt selection and then leave the store empty-handed cause their prices are too damn high!

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